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The DDH Group was formed in 2006 with the aim of consolidating several businesses and investments. Today the DDH Group is active in South Africa in the motor industry, education, financial services, real estate and recreation sectors. In addition it has certain international interests.

"To come up with a few good ideas, you need to generate a lot of bad ones. And to give your good ideas a chance of reaching their full potential, you need to do some serious pruning. But dont' just get rid of the bad ideas - kill some good ones as well. Focusing on too many ideas requires spreading your resources. For your truly good ideas to make it to the market, they need a concentrated focus and the resources to fully develop them. Make tough choices and pull the plug on the good ideas that aren't quite good enough."

Harvard Business Review

In line with the above philosophy, after gaining extensive experience in the above sectors over many years, we have re-focused ourselves. The DDH Group is now poised for another growth phase into Africa and other 'emerging markets' with tried and tested business models and brands. The DDH Group is open to partnering with others who can leverage the opportunities that are available as we embark on the second decade of the 21st century.